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The Alpine Pass Route  starts on the Lichtenstein / Austrian border and ends at Lake Geneva and crosses 12 alpine passes. For various reasons, explained in the story I missed out two passes. The route is approximately 320km long (200 miles). However distance is no reflection of effort when you can climb up to 1500 meters (5000 feet)  in a day, also the quality and gradient of the path had a marked effect on your an average walking day was 9 hours.

To start the picture journey click on the figure 1 below and follow the pages or click here. There are a lot of pictures but few words. For practical help and information click here

I unashamedly used cable cars when available and appropriate, as well as the very occasional bus / train, especially if this would take me up higher without loosing to much distance as the crow flies. The distances and heights I quote are what I actually walked. All this said I still walked over 85% of the whole route. If you are a purist and disapprove of the 'help' I used, get over it.

What did I think of the 15 day journey? Well it was extreme in every way.....extremes in weather, scenery that made you go 'Wow', spring flowers, physical effort, cost and at times risk to my health ( in falling off mountains) . Did I enjoy it? Most of the time. However it was a fantastic experience, but probably not to be repeated in the next 30 years or so.