Caseres to Astorga - Day 19
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La Baneza to Astorga 25 km

So there it was, done.

After a great sunrise and a very boring day in small oaks, scrub land and  an old Roman bridge, I came to Astorga.... The joining up of over 2,000 Km
(1,300miles) of walking. The Via de la Plata is not the most exciting bit of walking you will ever do...but you get a slice of rural Spain few are privileged to see.

As ever I enjoyed the company of the people I met on the way. For my last evening I enjoyed a meal and too much wine with Ken and Paul, the only English people I had met on the Via de la Plata, good, genial and excellent company for my last night.

....Now home and to plan next years AOP (Annual Operating Plan), which hopefully will include the journey from Geneva to Le Puy....& maybe the odd painting.