Condom to Pamplona - Day 9
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Argagnon to Navarrenx - 22Km

I left bright and early  crossing a motorway and an in use railway line, the first and last of my journey. The river Pau looked impressive in the early morning light. I also glimpsed my only industrial view of the trip.

 The next thrill was turning a corner and getting an eyeful of the snow capped Pyrenees.


I had planned for a rest day at Navarrenx, but as one wit had said that would be 23 hours too long. I think they were probably right. The accommodation  was the communal Gite (Jean -Michel's suggestion was full or closed)

In fairness to the local community, the Gite which was on the second floor of a building was newly decorated and immaculate, but compared to my night at Argagnon, totally soulless, for the lack of people. If it wasn't for the late arrival of some cyclists I would have been alone in a very large building.