Condom to Pamplona - Day 5
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Lanne Soubiran to Aire-Sur-l'Adour - 19Km

Today it rained on and off, but the journey was pleasant enough. After an hour I came across a great shelter specially put there for 'grims. As I had just had breakfast, I could only sit there & take a 'posing photo'. Later I was to meet its maker, Jean- Michel  in Aire-Sur-l'Adour.

Apart from meeting Manfred a German 'grim ( who had just cut his distance from 30Km to 22Km per day because of shin splints) the day held little excitement.

However the Gite was a magic place created by Jean- Michel. an ex 'grim. Not only did the place feel a welcoming refuge, it was also designed for the needs of 'grims... and oh my, a great bath, where I wallowed like a redundant hippopotamus. Jean Michel also sat down with me, (as I suspect he does with most 'grims) and suggested accommodation all the way to Spain, as well a cunning little stop a third the way up the Pyrenees. All his suggestions worked well, and I suspect good accommodation owners  south of him benefits from his good advice, clearly he gets feedback via e mail and uses this to guide future 'grims.

Also staying at the Gite was Bernard who was also having a few days off due to excessive walking. (I keep thinking of the Scot I met 6 years ago who said 30k every day was normal... perhaps it is for masochists)