Condom to Pamplona - Day 3 & 4
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D3- Montreal to Manciet - 28Km              D4- Manciet to Lanne Soubiran - 19Km

I knew from the map that the morning was going to be long and boring... and it was. Most of the journey was following an old railway track with its overgrown bushes screening any view. At Euze I stopped for a coffee and despaired that car parking is ruining a lot of town and village squares. (By now I was a bit grumpy?)

Lunch was taken on a drain cover beside a road, the Camembert is coming on nicely.

Manciet is heading for my most boring village in France award. The Inn had great food and a reasonable room.  Sitting outside in the sun with my book and beer waiting for something to happen was as exciting as it got.

The next morning I set off early to try and get to the Palm Sunday service in Nogaro. As I was early I was able to enjoy a full PDJ at a local hotel. There are very few things in life better than a good walk on a sunny morning followed by a  breakfast.

The church was full, with everyone in the congregation carrying branches of what looked like a small laurel, anyhow I was given a branch by a kind lady on my pew. The only noisy child in a congregation of 400 was 3 yards away, so after the peace I slipped away, found an old copy of the Times and enjoyed my Sunday morning coffee and read (It's quite depressing what an old fart I am becoming...some amongst us would even question the word 'becoming').

On my way to lunch I passed another 'grim going home on his return from that's dedication! The afternoon walk to Lanne Soubiran was OK, to the extent I do not remember a single feature of the day except sitting on a drain cover for my lunch in the middle of no where admiring my first Orchid of the journey and the fetching bit of laurel I had decorated my 'sac with for the day..

My accommodation was with Françoise and Bernard who specialised in horse and carriage driving (The husband is the French national champion) In the middle of no where, but a great room  and very engaging family meal.