Condom to Pamplona - Day 2
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Condom to Montreal de Gar - 20Km

What a wonderful day to start a journey. I set the whole proceedings off with a breakfast by the river and the church of St James, where I sat a year ago being very miserable about my forced return home.

It was a great days walking, not only perfect weather, I had varied scenery, a coffee stop with a quick sketch at the walled city of Lassaringle, lunch on the steps of a church in the middle of nowhere, a visit to an ancient Roman site ... worth seeing but not worth the extra 3Km to go and see, but I am a bit of a plebeian when it comes to ancient rubble.

Montreal was a pleasant place and the accommodation was OK, complete with a visiting returning 'grim who had spent the last 4 years walking....a tad self indulgent perhaps?