Condom to Pamplona - Day 17
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Larrasoana to Pamplona 17Km

Karel who was in the next bed to me decided he was getting up early and just going, after seeing the heaving mass of people and the continuous rain outside I joined him in a quick dash to Pamplona. The weather was the worst of the trip, but suddenly improved as we got to Pamplona.

After the previous nights 'cattle pen' experience we decide to book into a 'room' . On our trip around the city we visit the Refugio just to see what it was like and bump into Mien and Marina. The place was fine (As Marina proudly announced, it had a bath!)... it was probably a mistake not using the place, but another lesson learnt.

My views on Pamplona ..... it is on the worth seeing list, but not on the worth going to see list.

So my journey for this time is complete, Its been a 'blast'..... but I have the same sad experience as last time of saying goodbye to 'kindred spirits' you are unlikely to meet again. I wish them all 'Buen Camino'. The trip is very definitely more than 'just a good walk'.

The good news is that I am in good 'nick' and looking  forward to the last part of my journey Sandiago which I will rejoin in the Calle Mayor in Pamplona next year.