Condom to Pamplona - Day 16
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Burguete to Larrasoana - 24Km

Setting off, late again I join the stream of 'grims that had walked from the monastery 3Km further back on the Camino.

The second couple I overtook were Mien & Marina, who I joined for the day. This was the first time for the whole trip that I had walked with anyone for a long time, as I realise I am a bit of a pain stopping to take so many photos.

The two girls were delightful company and at coffee time we were joined by another Dutch man, Karel, travelling from Vezelay to short journey.

After the initial rainfall of the day it turned into a warm and sunny affair. A pleasant lunch was taken by the river at Zubiri, where we were joined by Japanese lady of our sort of vintage,  who was even less fluent at the European languages than I, she seemed to understand English, but didn't speak it.

 I greatly admire her for undertaking such a journey, in what must be an alien culture. After lunch she left us and started sketching. You could see she was enjoying the 'flow' of drawing.

We arrived at Larrasoana by mid afternoon, the main Refugio was full so we were taken to an overflow place. This was what I wanted to see, to help my understanding for my next trip .... and the main reason I am doing the Spanish bit in October. We had over 40 people crammed into a very small area, two toilets & three showers that were cold.

Mien booked us into the only restaurant for our evening meal... great company but it would be dishonest to say the food came close to any of the meals I have had in France. There was a terrific thunderstorm that night, I certainly didn't sleep  well.