Condom to Pamplona-Day 12 & 13
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Ostabat to St.Jean -Pied-de-Port - 20k

Rain, but the good news is I don't think it makes a vast amount of difference to the scenery. The disappointing thing about a rainy day is that you tend to just put your head down and get on with it. It was so bad that the farm dogs that usually bark as you go past their property couldn't be bothered to turn out. I sheltered in a church porch for lunch and noticed the round stones (below) I had seen before in other churches in the area... as yet I don't know there significance.



I reached St Jean PP early in the afternoon and was warmly welcomed by Arno and Huberta who give up the rat race in the Netherlands from Easter to the end of September to create the magic place that is Gite L'Espirit du Chemin.

They have been in operation for two years and bring their own brand of peace and quietness to the journey.

They charge about 30% less than other Gites,  I was debating with Huberta how alien this was to my thinking on market forces.  The next day I reflected on their thinking and decided I was wrong. .... Arno and Huberta are demonstrating the practice of 'enough'

- A magic place and people


I spent a rest day in St Jean also meeting new 'grims and bumping into people I had met earlier. There was Annie a Swiss priest and a German companion who had joined up to cycle to Santiago and seemed to be looking at the weather as we had coffee, delaying the inevitable moment of departure. Manfred also came and went and I also met Mien for the first time, as well as Pierre and Lise from Canada.

The local 'Chemin' office just across the road from the Gite, were very welcoming and helpful in loaning me their computer to collect e mails.