Condom to Pamplona - Day 11
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Aroue to Ostabat - 24KM

I was shown a sneaky short cut by the son on the farm, it cut out a load of hills. Soon after rejoining the 'road' I came across an old chapel of a design that is common in these parts.

I presume the room attached was for the priest. It was locked, but I climbed up the stairs to the room, which was a little treasure trove of ancient delights.

Today was going to be without villages or shops, but I saw a snail  'variant' with a map that was designed to take you past two Gites. It also made a lot of sense in that it took you to a village with a bar. As I sat having my lunch of stale baguette & banana I was joined by two groups of 'grims.

After coffee with the others we split up and I walked on, meeting only a dog who was walking down a long country road by itself, heading in the other direction, we acknowledged each other and walked on .... I to Osterbat, which looked great from a distance, but rather dreary on arrival. The Gte about a kilometre further on was fine and I had a room to myself.... for the last time.

In the evening the dinner table was full of about 15 people of varying nationalities, a pleasant evening. This was the sudden change from very few people to a lot and it was going to remain like this until the end of the journey.