Condom to Pamplona - Day 10
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Navarrenx to Aroue- 17Km

Breakfast was a carry in of croissants into a bar, (yesterday I found my only Almond croissant of the trip, boy was it good. ) The day started dry, but soon deteriorated into continuous rain.

Half way through the day I bumped into Annie and Pierre, then later on as I discovered a pilgrims shelter where we shared lunch in the rain. Later on I came to my first gate since leaving Le Puy after 700Km.

I arrived at Ferme Bohotegula, to be greeted by 'Madam' , who had provided a wonderful roaring fire, where a  dryer was provided for my washing and newspaper for my boots. After a washing session and siesta I was joined by one of the sons to watch Rugby on TV . The rules must have changed since I last watched, the game was fast and exciting.

As the sun had come out I walked to the next village to phone home, by the phone was a great games court, that I see in all the villages in the Basque region. The game involved hitting the ball, with a bat, against a very high wall, beyond that, I know nothing.

Returning to the Farm I found Annie & Pierre were joining me for dinner as there communal Gite had no food, so some kind person had put them in touch with the Farm.... the dinner was great.... remember this is all for about 8.

An Aperitif of Ker &  white wine
A vegetable soup that was incredibly tasty (I copied the way of doing it on my return home, very good)
A beautifully moist but set omelette for four containing cooked green peppers.
A bowl of lettuce (for those that know me will not be surprised  I missed out on this one)
Pork served with caramelised apples ...the apples tasted so good.
Cheese served with Kiwi comfit (serving cheese with comfit is normal in this area of France)
Strawberries served in sugar and wine (I think)
>>>>> Not a bad end to a soggy day.