Condom to Pamplona - Day 1
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I arrived by air in Toulouse on a beautiful spring day, but confirmed my fears that the only bus to Condom is late in the afternoon. Still, there are many things a man of leisure, such as I, can do to idle away a few hours.

A beer and good lunch being one of them (roast duck and a Normandy apple tart), followed by a leisurely stroll, visiting the most depressing church I have been in, ever. Followed by a beautifully restored cathedral, housing the grave of St Thomas Aquinus ?  The only background to this years visit are the strikes..... which delayed my departure for two days, causing the riot police to follow groups of students around Toulouse. The proposed law was later dropped.

Condom Gite had been upgraded, and I was able to have a room to myself. As the route as for as Ostabat was empty I was able to enjoy this small benefit for  the next 11 nights.

Also staying at the Gite was a family from UK, little did I realise at the time but this was my last conversation 5 days, apart from a few snatched words of French.