By Car from Le Puy to Santiago d C.   
..... and on to Bilbao via Finisterre and the North Spanish Coast.    

Camino - home

This is a short photographic sketch of a trip taken by myself and my wife, Joy, to share with her the  journey that is the 'road' from Le Puy to Santiago de Compostela (+ Finisterre).

We were celebrating a major birthday so we took a month, travelling by car and staying in hotels. Regrettably the French half and a fair bit of the Spanish  journey was spoilt by rain... however it was a great experience.

For the observant amongst you you will see that we not only travelled the Route Napoleon over the Pyrenees, but also the Somport pass.... one of the many advantages of independent motorised transport.

The story follows reasonably in journey order... with no more 'words'.

Camino - home