A Two Thousand mile walk

A walk from Salzburg to Seville via Santiago de Compostela                                                                                               home

This is the story, mostly in pictures, of a planned journey on foot from Salzburg to Seville via  Santiago de Compostela, by foot of approximately 3200Km or 2000 miles. + 250km via cable car, train and bus.

The order below is showing all roads leading to Santiago de Compostela, not the order I undertook the journeys.

My written approach has changed over the years, so has the quality of digital photography. Now I favour few words and big pictures, at the beginning the other way round.

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1. Salzburg to Swiss Border 5. Condom to Pamplona
2. Sarganns (Swiss Border) to Lake Geneva 6. Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela
3. Lake Geneva to Le Puy 7. Seville to Caceres
4. Le Puy to Condom 8. Caceres to Astorga

Other links: Camino by car      

Warning  and disclaimer to anyone who reads this diary....It is not, nor was planned to be a great work of literature. The written information is based on the extracts of my daily diary and can best be described as the 'aimless thoughts of the village idiot' >>>  If you have a problem with this, just look at the pictures.