Le Puy to Condom - Day  4
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St Alban


Chanaleilles to Aumont Aubrac -31k

I woke up with a very swollen foot but managed to get it in my boot and after a bit of stretching felt that I could go on.

I started walking at 8am but soon my hands were freezing; the effect reminded me of being on my bike going to school as a boy.

 I tried to warm my hands and thought on the bicycle analogy. I thought the problem was probably my sticks, so I stowed my poles on my pack and walked on to Saint Alban, where I stopped to buy some lunch, a ham something or other not to mention an apple something or other (this was before I had lunch sorted out to a baguette and camembert + banana)

Climbing out of St Alban I found a place by a stream and devoured my lunch (if you walk 15k+ before lunch you devour rather than eat.)   The rest of the day was spent in woods, which I am glad to say the French equivalent of the forestry commission had cleared all the hill top views.

I arrived at the Gîte at 4:45 absolutely knackered....I snooze in my own room!

We were joined by some serious looking French women and a cheerful Australian couple, Cliff and Wendy. The dinner was very good A clear soup with vegetables, a tender roast lamb with Alego (my spelling is unsure but it is a delicious mixture of creamed potatoes mixed with a very fresh type of cows cheese ….1000 calories on a spoon) followed by a type of flan served with a strawberry sauce. A very pleasant evening, with good company.

Tomorrow the plan said another 30k+, it is now becoming apparent that 30k is possible, but it does not allow you time to look around or do anything else but walk, wash, eat & sleep. I need to think through what I am doing, it did not matter at the moment as the weather did not lend itself to ‘wandering’ around.