Le Puy to Condom - Day  1
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I arrived at the Gte in Le Puy at about 7pm, dumped my stuff to go out to the pilgrims service at 8pm in the cathedral. Arriving in the building I was alone with the black Madonna statue & a guy wandering around with a bunch of keys, built like an understudy for Quasimodo, but no hump. (right job, wrong cathedral) he kindly took me into a backroom and stamped my Pilgrims passport, which proved I had started at Le Puy and  I had it totally wrong about the service, it was 7am the next day.

One of my room mates was a Swiss walking from near Fryeburg his home town in Switzerland. He said he had been doing well over the 30k per day & was in trouble. Its a pity I did not stop & ask him a few questions why.