Le Puy to Condom - Day  15
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Vers to Cahors - 19k

At Andy and Monica's I elected to leave my sleeping bag behind + some other bits and pieces for my brother to bring home on his next visit.

After a cup of coffee with my hosts at a coffee shop near Vars I set off alone with a lighter ‘sack' up into the trees above the Lot. After 12k in the hills I descended to the Lot and followed the path around its edge to Cahors. Once again the paths became very stony and required patient concentration, two words that don’t describe my best attributes.

I was booked into the Youth Hostel in Cahor. I had been warned that French YH’s were not up to UK or German standard. This seemed to be in an old barrack block. One floor was given over to rooms for apprentices. I managed to get my own room at no extra cost.

Going downstairs I met Elisabeth who was travelling with Veronique to Conques. We repaired to an Irish bar and we generally caught up with our experiences since leaving Conques.