Le Puy to Condom - Day  12
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Espaniac to Sauliac-sur-Cele - 24k

I get up at 6 and leave at 7:00 with a banana in a stale baguette. Like all good days on the GR65 we start with a climb, high into the cliffs over Cele valley. I become aware of scrub oak trees covered with lichen, apparently one of the best signs of lack of pollution; this gives the whole valley a peculiar colour.

The Cele has cut a path through limestone, creating dramatic cliffs. The route eventually wanders along in a frighteningly narrow path along the cliffs, with great views & remains of castles from the 100year war attached to the cliff. Further along the valley there are ‘troglodyte’ houses built into the cliff, as well as remains of castles from the 100 years war with the English.

Because of the rain the water had got into the hole on my laminated map, rendering the vital bit unreadable. So I came down onto the road far too early. So yet again I was faced with another 5 miles on Tarmac to Marcihac I recognised the village straight away as one Joy and I had spent a pleasant lunch time some years ago.

 After finding a bakery I met my friends Andy & Monica in the square. I put the pack into the car (oh the pleasure …baby kangaroo time again) to be taken home by Monica… unfortunately with my camera.

Andy joined me for the rest of the walk, which was pleasant as well as  educational. The weather changed with sun interspersed with showers.  At the end of the trip I could recognise the odd Orchid, looking for them kept me happily amused .

Eventually we walked on a high level path in their village, breath taking stuff.

 The day started with being cold, standing in the dark eating a stale baguette with the rain falling on me. The day ended in complete relaxation with a shower, a big hit on Monica’s washing machine and a delightful dinner.