Le Puy to Condom - Day  10
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Livinhac to Figeac - 29k

One of the good reasons to get up early (and in truth, on a very cold April morning there are very few good reasons) is that you occasionally get brilliant sunrises. Today was such a day.

After that I think the best you can say about today is that it was a pleasant day in pleasant French countryside, nothing to blow your mind away, but the good side of OK.

Reaching Figeac reasonably early I find the Gite at the top of town. I dump my stuff buy a English Paper and sit down to enjoy a beer followed by a GCO ( Grand coffee etc) in town. As I have visited the place with Joy a few years before I think this is good use of time…..relax.

For some unknown reason I feel a little down.
(I get used to this after a while and accept that when you are by yourself like this and facing the unknown, it doesn’t take much to blow you emotionally either way) On my return to the Gîte I find I am sharing a room with a Swiss lady called Ursula, anyway she invites me to join a group of three of them for supper. I  buy some wine and apple tarts as my contribution to the feast. ...it turned into a very pleasant evening.