Salzburg to Switzerland

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This is a journey mostly on foot (except 124 km by train!) from Sazburg in Austria across Bavaria, back into Austria and then crossing the Swiss border. As all but the first and last couple of days were in Bavaria, it seams reasonable to call it 'The German bit' of my European walk from Salzburg to Seville via Santiago de Compostela.

To start the picture journey click on the figure 1 below and follow the pages or click here. ... Then click on the next page to progress the story.There are a lot of pictures but few words.

You will see that a lot of the scenery looks very similar, but I decided to include the pictures if it gave a good representation of the day.

For the purists amongst you, I missed out 90km and used a train as I was short of time and inclination .

I then took a train between for the 34km between Marktoberdorf and Kemten because:
1. It was raining hard, 2. I needed a day off, 3. 34km in woods is a very long and boring journey.

The observant amongst you will notice a small gap between my Swiss border crossing point and where I started my Swiss journey. If you see that part of the river Rheine you would understand life is to short to contemplate it.

If you are having a problems with all of the above failings, I am sorry, but it is yours problem and not mine.

That said the total distance walked was 385km.